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Greatness is a series of small things done well. At Barizi PR, we create a campaign that positions your organization as contemporary, exciting and relevant to customers’ lives. We ensure that your brand and marketing campaigns are innovative, catchy, and protectable as intellectual property and that the tag-lines of your products, services or brand, linger in the consumers' minds in order to create a buzz.

A thorough research is conducted on the target group, singling out the specific media that has the most impact on your target audience, we then maximize on this channel of communication. The sole purpose of such strategized moves in our campaigns is to gain awareness and in turn meet the objective of the client or even champion your cause. What we promise, a well thought out campaign which not only takes a dry subject and makes it interesting but delivers exceptional results.

When handling a specific campaign, we not only take you through the entire process through to the end, we go a step further and measure the ROI (return on investments) by tracking advertisement value, reach and engagement, with the utmost precision.

In addition to the day to day PR Campaigns specifically meant for brand visibility and sales, we have a dedicated team that caters to your community outreach programs, commonly referred to as CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) or CR (Corporate Responsibility). This mostly involves partnerships, volunteer activities, philanthropic contributions, public participation and any other specific corporate responsibility activity you may be interested in executing.


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